Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson

Brian began his professional career as an editor-in-chief of a start-up food industry magazine in Honolulu. He transitioned to the educational publishing world, cutting his teeth as an associate project manager, where he became captivated by the concept of accessibility. He has freelanced as an alt text writer, authoring over 20,000 alt text descriptions for subject matter spanning the educational gamut. Brian holds a BA in English, with a focus in creative writing. He freelances as a copywriter and has authored a white paper and blog posts on pedagogical accessibility for SRM.

Accessibility for Learning Pt.1

Alternative text, closed captioning, accessibility, A11Y, screen readers, color palettes, keyboard navigation, and the list goes on. What do these words and acronyms mean, and why should you care about them?

Glossary of Accessibility Terms

A list of common accessibility terms with descriptions of each. If you’d like to discuss how any of these terms apply to your company or project, please reach out and contact us.

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