STEMtastic! The Science of Band Names

Jazz band playing live musicI have long held two beliefs: 

1. The world is running out of band names.

2. Science is the answer to #1.

As a science editor and a resident of Austin, Texas (Live Music Capital of the World!), I hereby suggest these awesome science terms for double duty as band names. I’ve also tossed in my (sometimes silly) thoughts about the type of band/group that would have each name. Enjoy! And post your own suggestions in the comments.

Scientific Definition: plural of borborygmus, a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid in the stomach

Band name for: Experimental jazz quintet; each of the five members is referred to as a Borborygmus, as in “The trumpet player is my favorite Borborygmus.”

The Charm Quarks
Scientific Definition: Quarks are the particles that make up protons and neutrons inside an atom. There are six types of quarks, usually discussed in pairs. The charm quark is paired with the strange quark. 

Band name for: Swing and lounge band. They definitely wear tuxedos. Unironically. The Strange Quarks, an improv comedy troupe, often open for the Charm Quarks. 

Scientific Definition: a half-burned piece of coal

Band name for: A hip-hop group whose first single, “Errbody Doin’ the Crozzle,” ignites a worldwide dance craze 

Saturday Night Palsy
Scientific Definition: temporary radial neuropathy resulting from falling asleep on one’s arm, usually after a night of alcohol intoxication

Band name for: Country and Western band that rockets to fame with a song about drankin’

Traumatic Acid
Scientific Definition: a monounsaturated dicarboxylic acid that stimulates healing in damaged areas in plants

Band name for: Death metal band, of course  

The Bergy Bits
Scientific Definition: medium to large fragments of ice that break off an iceberg or originate from glaciers or shelf ice 

Band name for: British musical duo known for their song parodies, such as “Laurie of My Life”—a riff on One Direction’s song “Story of My Life” and a tribute to the man who played Dr. House for 8 seasons 

Scientific Definition: an outdated name for scarlet fever, an infectious disease characterized by fever, sore throat, and a rash 

Band name for: A Latin girl group

Scientific Definition: a polished rock surface that results from one rock mass sliding over another at a fault

Band name for: alt/indie group who’ll break out big at next year’s SXSW Music Festival

Scientific Definition: a thermodynamic property of a real gas that can be substituted for pressure in ideal-gas equations 

Band name for: electronic music duo, similar to Daft Punk; their latest CD includes the vocals of Crozzle and Scarlatina on some of the tracks. 

BONUS! These three bands jumped on the science-name bandwagon years ago. Know of others? Share in the comments!

Scientific Definition: the SI unit of magnetic flux density; named after Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), perhaps the most unsung of science inventors

Spyro Gyra
Scientific Definition: Spirogyra is a genus of green algae, named for the spherical arrangement of its chloroplasts.  

Scientific Definition: abbreviation denoting “alternate current/direct current” when referring to electricity

Created by: 
Anne Bunce